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Congratulations on joining the souping revolution! With your help, we will provide real health in a bottle, one soup and one sip at a time!  We have recently launched our new affiliate program, so you are part of a special group which we keep a close dialog with to provide support and to help us understand what is taking place in the market.  

By now you may have noticed that Soupure attracts an energized fan base.  These are folks who have gusto and enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle through their selection of diet and activity.  We are providing tools and training to help you promote Soupure to your customers.  This email contains the following key information

Your affiliate code: [________]  This provides a 10% discount on product sales for all customers, not just first time customers.   All you have to do is to include this code in all of your promotional efforts so we can credit your account for sales attributed to your code.

  1. Welcome Kit Overview Brochure – includes an overview of the program and other relevant info

  1. Soupure Brochure – focus on Soupure and a high level product overview

  1. Product Fact Sheet – detailed product info

  1. Promotional Support Toolkit – copy, images and other items to help you promote through email, blogging and social media.

We look forward to our partnership.  If you have any questions or need additional support please don’t hesitate to contact us at